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Railtown Rowdys

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The first official Railtown Rowdys shoot was May 1991 but the dream was started a long time ago at the Saturday Matinees. Roy, Gene, Two cousins, John and Richard and an old mule named "High Pockets" expanded this dream to the barnyard where good versed evil through the cornfields until bedtime was called.

Then one December day 40 years later an ad in the Gun List told about the "Wild Bunch" of SASS and by May we were up and shooting. When we first announced the shoot we were not sure any one would come so we advertised as a Cowboy Shoot with a FREE cowboy lunch. Our first shoot had the following people: Charlie Lavender, Charlie Short and son Casey, Kenton Dilly and son Cameron, David Mc Neil, Smoky Shott and son Ryan, Alfred and Mopsy Forbes, Mark Kozar and Ron Bennette.

As the sport got more media attention our group began to grow. We now have 150 people on our mailing list and around 40 shooters plus their families for lunch and a day of o'l time fun. WE no longer use paper plates and balloon targets but have wooden store props and steel plates.

One year no one Wanted to close down for the season so we added a "Cowboy Thanksgiving" on the second Sunday of November. A lot of good shooting and we serve traditional food such as venison, wild turkey and corn pudding. This is a great shoot because of the unpredictable November weather. One year it snowed so hard we could not see the targets.

Two years ago a "Cowboy Camp out" was started. Good eating, live music, a night shoot, make this the hit of the year. this year we designed and had made silver badges that depict our local history.

Five of our original 10 shooters are still with us: "Horse Soldier", "Rowdy Rails", "El Rubio", "Miss Print" and "Marco Kolesar". We want to thank them and all the many others that have made this such a great adventure.


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